Why are Our Air Freshener Prices so Competitive? 3 Reasons to follow

Today’s topic is something that everyone cares about, Why are Our Air Freshener Prices so Competitive? 3 Reasons to follow.

If you browse the “Pricing” page of our website, you will find that our Air Fresheners are very competitively priced.
Whether you are using it for personal use or for business customization, the price is attractive enough and can help you generate a significant profit. And it’s totally negotiable on large orders.

If you are in doubt about this, check with other suppliers on the Internet or local distributors, and you will find that our prices are fantastic.
If you use it yourself, you can get it with a small fee.
If it is for sale or other commercial use, our prices will hardly put any cost pressure on you.

Of course, we say this on the premise that the quality of our products is also very guaranteed.
So you must be wondering, how do we achieve “Cheap and Cheerful”?
We have summed it up for about 3 reasons:

1. Our Low Operating Cost

You’ve no doubt heard that Chinese suppliers all do business on “Alibaba” and “Made in China”.
Why? Because none of them can build a website. Even if they build a website, they don’t know how to run it.
“Alibaba” and “Made in China” provide that service, so a lot of people seem to have found a lifeline and joined in.

But you know, “Life never gives anything for nothing, and that a price is always exacted for what fate bestows”.
“Alibaba” and “Made in China” are indeed very convenient to use, but they are also marked behind the price:
①. If you use the most basic function, $5,000 per year
②. If you want more features, $10,000 per year
③. If you want a team model, or if want to do SEM, it’s more expensive, starting at $20,000 per year

Actually, most suppliers want to get more traffic, they have no choice but invest more and more money.

We say so, not to ridicule these B2B platforms like “Alibaba” and “Made in China”, but to say that if a company bears very high cost on advertising and operations, then all those costs must be divided into their products, finally into the buyers and the users.
When you find a supplier and think that the product is good, the logistics is good, the delivery is good, but the price is not beautiful enough, you can ask: How much does your company spend on “Alibaba” and “Made in China” every year?

Here’s the point:
Our company has not had a platform such as “Alibaba” or “Made in China”, because our company has built an independent website for continuous operation with our own capabilities.
We spend only $400 per year on our operations. You can see how well we control our costs when you compare that with the above figures.
On this basis, we are able to provide the same quality products and services at a lower price, which is very rare among Chinese suppliers!

2. Excellent Resource Integration Ability

As mentioned in “About Us” page, we started to make Air Fresheners since 2009, and up to now, we have a total of 14 years of experience.
Based on this, we have a lot of very high-quality supplier resources:
①. Raw Material Paper (Absorbent Paper) :
Clean ingredients, environmental protection, stable quality
②. Printing Supplier (Printing Paper) :
More than 20 years of printing factory, imported ink, printing content is clear, bright color
③. Fragrance Supplier:
Relevant agencies testing and certification, environmental fragrances, stable quality, price concessions
④. Accessories Supplier (strings, packaging) :
Professional manufacturer, quality and price guarantee

With years of industry experience and business capabilities, we can integrate these high-quality resources together and have formed our own complete process system.
Therefore, on this basis, we can give the most competitive prices while providing quality products and quality services.

3.More and More Air Freshener Buyers, Diluting Our Production Cost

You may not know that Chinese people have not been in the habit of buying and using Air Fresheners.
However, starting from 2022, many video bloggers and many car manufacturers began to promote Air Fresheners in China, and the entire Air Fresheners industry began to face a large market of 1.4 billion people.
With the continuous expansion of China’s domestic market, the cost of production of Air Fresheners is diluted with the increase of the number of buyers, which is very consistent with the law of economics.
However, most suppliers should not tell you this “secret”, because it is their secret to maintain high prices.

At the same time, the technical level of the entire Air Fresheners is improving, such as reducing human labor, semi-automated production, etc., which you must be aware of.

How’s that? Do you think these three reasons are convincing enough?
In fact, we just tell the most real situation to our most valued customers.
If you have read this far, you’ll feel our sincerity, and you may be ready to think about working together with us.

Without further ado, if you think over it or really agree with our price, please contact us.
Free samples can be sent out at any time.


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