Who Uses Custom Air Freshener for Promotion?

Today’s topic is Who Uses Custom Air Freshener for Promotion.
Custom Air Fresheners are unique promotional tools.

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These advantages make Custom Air Freshener become the first choice for company publicity and brand innovation.
While refreshing the air, it also promotes your brand and leaves the customers a lasting impression.
Next, let’s take a look at how to use Custom Air Fresheners for promotion and marketing.

In general, Custom Air Fresheners for promotion are used in many places, such as cars, offices, schools, hospitals, theaters, shops, hotels, health clubs, restaurants and restrooms.
In fact, the use of Custom Air Fresheners covers a very large number of industries, and there are many industries and organizations that would benefit from the use of Air Fresheners:

1. Automotive Industry
Many companies related to the automotive industry use air fresheners for their market promotion, such as car dealers, car repair, tire dealers, engine dealers, auto event sponsors, auto supply stores, auto repair shops, auto parts manufacturers, big truck companies and car wash companies and more.
For these companies, Air Fresheners can effectively remove stale or moldy odors and are definitely a good promotional product.

2. Banking, Insurance, Finance, Securities
Many banks will give custom air fresheners to their customers in gift box along with other items, and every time the customer opens the box, they will feel fresh.
It’s a great experience for customers on that brand.

3. Education and Training Institutions, Schools, Universities
If you look closely, you will find that many school football teams, football clubs and football players within them are using custom Air Fresheners.
And in the books they use in class, you can often see the appearance of Air Fresheners.
It can be commonly seen the use of custom Air Fresheners in the field of education.

4.  Medical and Health Institutions, Hospitals, Pharmacies
You may not be able to imagine, but air fresheners are also often used in hospitals.
For example, Air Fresheners are handed out in hospital parking lots.
Air Fresheners will also be placed in the hospital bathroom, and when patients walk into the bathroom, their bad mood will disappear a lot.

5.  Government, Politicians, Elections
Politicians want to get more support in their campaigns, so they print their pictures and slogans, and distribute to the voters.
Also they put Air Fresheners on their election vans to win more support with the attractive smell from the hanging air freshener.

6.  Real Estate, Energy Companies, Airlines
Smell is a powerful tool that makes it easier and longer to remember something or a place.
If you give these companies a lovely scent, people will feel comfortable and welcome, which will give your company a good reputation.

7. Sports and Fitness, Beauty and Jewelry
Gyms and beauty salons are relatively private places, so it’s important to keep the air fresh.
That’s why many salons keep Air Fresheners in their rooms and even in the bathrooms.
This makes their brand visible everywhere and shows that they care so much about their customers.

8. Tobacco and Alcohol, Beverages, Restaurants, Coffee Shops
If you’re a coffee drinker, you may have already found out that Starbucks is giving away free air fresheners for your car that smell like Peppermint Mocha coffee.
To get free fresheners, you have to buy holiday drinks, and some people even spend 1-2 hours waiting in line, which is crazy.
But it has to be said, for business, this is definitely a very worthwhile marketing method, and maybe you can use a similar method in your own store.

9.  Culture, Entertainment, Telecommunications, Electronics
Car Fragrance will always be the favourite of musicians and record labels.
And in other cultural fields and electronic fields, it seems that there is also a budding of Air Fresheners marketing.

10.  Apparel, Outdoor Products, Office, Health and Safety Products
According to Google Trends, Air Fresheners are becoming a new trend.
Many apparel stores, footwear suppliers, headwear suppliers, will put Air Fresheners in their packaging, sending the fresh air with their goods to the consumers.
When customers receive such a package, it will leave a good impression on them.
This cost-effective way can bring more re-purchase rates for their products.

The above is an introduction to the industry related to Air Fresheners.
No matter the nature of the business, customers will enjoy picking up fresheners.
By sharing and selling Custom Air Fresheners, let’s reach a market of millions of people together.


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