What exactly is the ROBO-01 just released by Jidu?

On June 9, 2022, Jidu held its first brand launch event.
At this press conference, Jidu officially unveiled the first robot car concept vehicle ROBO-01

When I see the word “robot”, I can’t help thinking of the bumblebee in Transformers.
A car runs down the road, giving you a makeover.

Disappointingly, I didn’t see any big scenes of cars turning into robots at the event.
After all, things from science fiction movies are unlikely to happen in real life.

The Robo-01 concept car, however, still made me see a lot of new technology that really caught my eye.
At the same time, we also see another possibility of the future of the car.

1. Futuristic


1.1 The door

The ROBO-01 has butterfly doors for both the pilot and the passenger.
At the moment of opening the door, the traceless side window rises slowly, handsome and futuristic.
Removed door handles and other complicated design, simple and atmospheric.

ROBO-01 interior (1)


1.2 Interior

The 3D unbounded super widescreen screen runs through the whole driver and passenger, bringing unique immersive audio-visual, gaming and driving experience.
It eliminated the door handle, shift lever, left and right lever and other traditional car configuration, so that the entire interior space becomes more spacious.
With the help of the advanced integrated AI voice system, the user can control all functions of the vehicle by voice very naturally.
In addition, there is a retractable steering wheel, extending the boundaries of future interior design.
Spaceship-inspired zero-gravity seats are light, breathable and packable, making driving an easy pleasure.

Both exterior and interior, Robo-01 is telling you in simple design language:
This is a futuristic car.

2. Robotic

2.1 Automatic Driving

In terms of autonomous driving, ROBO-01 adopts Baidu’s Apollo autonomous driving technology, with advanced autonomous driving capability in multiple scenarios.
Baidu’s capabilities in autonomous driving are definitely world-leading.
By April 2022, Apollo L4 had traveled 27 million kilometers, enough to orbit the Earth 337.5 times.

The 3D unbounded super widescreen screen (1)


2.2 High performance active lift tail

Using electronic control, automatic rise and fall according to real-time speed:
At low speed, reduce air resistance to optimize endurance;
When driving at high speed, it can provide strong downforce.

2.3 Self-growth

Through learning the driving environment, Al’s ability to deal with multiple scenarios has evolved and is more adaptable to the environment.
Through learning from drivers and passengers, Al has evolved its ability to adapt to various habits and better understand users.

3. Emotional

3.1 Language

Based on intelligent scene analysis, it has its own “Lantern Language”.
Interactive AI pixel headlights and highly recognisable voice interactive system can tell you to pass and give you a thumbs up.
The mischievous lighting system transforms the car from an icy ride into a reiki robot.

AI pixel headlights and high recognition rate voice interaction system (1)


3.2 Natural communication

Robo-01 is a car that can “communicate” with you. It has the ability to recognize emotions, accurately identify user commands and respond to user needs in real time.
It can also deeply understand users’ emotions, actively communicate with users through language, visual, tactile and other interactive ways, and realize self-growth.
This car will be like your companion, the longer you stay with you, the better it will understand you.

Finally, I think of the first episode of 《Love, Death & Robots》 Season 3.
In that future, where robots and AI are highly developed, human beings have gone to destruction due to their own reasons, while robots have their own emotions and civilization.

In its own way, Jidu shows us a possibility of future cars in advance:
With AI as the driver, to build a car robot with wisdom and emotion.

The robo-01 concept car once again evoked my deep romance about robots.
And convergence makes future cars more possible, which may itself be a kind of progress.

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