Can’t You Imagine How Serendipitous The Invention of Air Freshener Was?

The air fresheners we’re talking about here are car air fresheners.
It is made of absorbent paper, and you can see it in many car rearview mirrors.

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, car air fresheners are everywhere.
They could be in the car, they could be in the bathroom, they could be in the kitchen, they could be in the closet……
They could be even as the hanging tag in the clothes packaging, and even in the shoe box.
They come in different scents, shapes and sizes, but their common goal is to make your space fresh and pleasant.

History of Air Fresheners, Do You Know?

Julius Samann (1911.04.15 – 1999.05.09) was a German-Canadian perfumer and chemist.
He invented many daily supplies, including the pine-shaped air freshener in Watertown New York, in 1952.

In 1952, a milkman from Watertown New York, complained to Julius Samann that his delivery truck always smelled of sour milk.
Julius Samann immediately realized there was a business opportunity and took action.
In order to solve this problem, Julius combined special perfumes with special ink absorbent materials and invented the first car air freshener.

The original pine air freshener, sold by Little Trees, a company founded by Julius Samann.
He fashioned it into the shape of an abstract evergreen tree to commemorate his years extracting aromatic oils from Canadian pine forests.
The first car air freshener was designed so well and sold so well that its design has barely changed in 60 years.

This is what we know about how car fresheners were originally developed.
Since then, the air freshener market around the world has grown to a large-scale, which includes many different models and scents.
Today, with increasing car ownership, car air fresheners have grown into a multi-billion dollar business.

Why Car Air Fresheners?

According to incomplete statistics, drivers from the United States and Europe spend an average of nearly an hour a day behind the wheel.
If you’re going to be spending that much time in an enclosed space, you’ll want to make sure it smells good.
This is the reason for the high demand of car air fresheners and a significant reason why the air freshener market is worth millions of dollars.

Over the next 20 years, the design and formulation of air fresheners would slowly evolve to improve their performance and durability while being cheaper to manufacture.
This will be an increasingly mature market.

Why Us?

Nowadays, we have a huge selection of air fresheners to choose from to keep our vehicles smelling good.
However, you can still see poor quality air fresheners in some cars.
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